Played by Eric


Vasilius is a grim faced, dark haired human male from the southern lands.

Vasilius now carries a staff with a Gem of Brilliance embedded in it.
He is cloaked in the tentacles of a Grell.

He frequently spins his stein on his staff to entertain himself while drinking.

Vasilius’ origins remain mysterious to the people he meets.


We know he has extensive travels in the southern city-states, as he was hired by Marco Wistwhile’s aristocratic family for the purposes of educating their son on southern political matters. In the time he spent with Marco at the University, he was beginning to be known as an accomplished sorcerer even though he had no Academy training.

As of around 3 week ACB, after campaign began, we find that he has spent time in the halfling city of Boddington. More than that, the group was astounded to find that he was accepted by one of the families as an adopted member.


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