Played by John


Travok is a human male fighter.

He wears arms and armor fashioned in the styling of Ancient Dwarves, and grows a long beard in the tradition of his adopted family.

He currently wields a sword claimed from the hand of an assassin leader, and holds 2 shoe horns as great prizes. One is from the Owl Bear that crippled Harold, and the beak of the Grell that the group defeated in the bandit caves while searching for clues to the red egg’s origin.


Travok grew up in the city of Auria as one of the welcomed orphans the city is well known for taking in. While there he would make himself known to a family of Dwarves that would take him in as an adopted son.
In High Arch, with his half-cousin Flint, he would train and join the military. He particularly idolized the Dwarves of the Ancient era that honed their battle skills and glorified war. He trained in the use of the ancient swords of this era, and wore modern armor in the stylings of these warriors. However, in time his race would be a detriment to his rise among the ranks of the Dwarves. He left the military and became a hired bodyguard in the more human controlled lands. There he was hired by Marco Wistwhile as a bodyguard when Headmaster Octavius was declared dead under mysterious circumstances. When his adopted uncle was killed by an assassin he got Marco’s permission to invite Flint, his half-cousin, to join him in Auria to try and find the identity of the assassins.


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