Octavious Brandle

A golden Dragon-kin and former Headmaster



Octavious was a very tall human in his former identity, and even now he is taller than any Dragon-kin met by the adventurers. He is now dull gold in scale, but his eyes shine with the child-like inquisitiveness that he held into old age while human. He holds a strong curiosity about any subject given to him, and is known to absorb details as a sponge.

He speaks with a very proper accent, and rarely uses contractions when he is talking. He is very animate when speaking casually, flinging his arms about and using gestures. He has practiced not doing this when he is addressing a crowd of people, but he can still be seen twiddling his fingers.


Octavious’ life before the University is not known to the adventurers.

It is known that he is strong friends with the masters of the Academy as well as his peers at the University. He is a wizard that graduated the Academy long ago and at a young age, one of the youngest ever to pass the advanced courses.

Octavious rose to the highest rank in the University, and there he served for several decades until he began having visions. One vision haunted his dreams with destruction by an evil force, the other compelled him to seek out a location. At this location he found a golden egg that turned him into a Dragon-kin. He then had more visions of more eggs. He faked his demise after an assassination attempt, and passed leadership to his trusted friend, Lorimar. He then used a group of mercenaries and allies to recover the eggs. After each one, he would gain a new vision of the next. Three he gathered, leaving the last one in a swamp. For this task he entrusted his secrets to his favored pupil, Marco Wistwhile. Marco then sent his own allies, the adventuring group, after this next egg.

After The Collapse, Octavious has taken it upon himself to be the consulting member of the Dragon-kin, and also orchestrating the actions of those that gather around them. The other Dragon-kin submit to his wisdom and consult him when they need to make decisions. It is yet to be revealed if this is because of his former life’s position, or something to do with the natural hierarchy of dragons.

He joined Travok and Sir Vipkin Montfort in the expedition to the south. They all witnessed the battles at Niskramana before returning to the Hermitage.

He refrained from letting his opinion be known on the course of action of the followers. After the decision was made to head south, he elected to lead a group to keep influence in The Empire.

Octavious Brandle

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