Tilda, the Woman Assassin

A masked woman in charge of a small band of assassins




The assassin first met the adventurers while transporting the initial 3 eggs to Marco’s home. Her group caught them in an alley between buildings, but the characters escaped into a crowded street.

Next the assassin murdered William Bildeburger and took the Red egg to their secret base in a tower near Lowing.

At a confrontation in the tower, the assassin begged for her release, stating that this was her third failure and the guild would be chasing her down to kill her. She asked simply for a chance to run and make a life for herself before the assassins could find her. She left the tower with 4 allies with the intention of traveling south.

During the Collapse it was revealed to the group that she was lying. She revealed the location of the Hermitage to her guild, and is responsible for the attack that killed Marco.

Tilda, the Woman Assassin

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