Maxwell Burnside

A bronze dragon-kin and former investigator of Lowing


Max is a lean, bronze scaled dragon-kin. His eyes have stayed sharp and focuses even after his transformation.

Max is a firm believer in the law, and is an expert on people’s behaviors when it pertains to trying to hide the fact that they have broken it. In another life he could be a behavioral scientist. He is quiet and prefers to observe before making any decisions.

He tries to keep his lower class Lowing upbringing on the low, but when he is flustered you can easily tell he is from the same area Marla is from.


Maxwell was a pretty average man in life, but his investigation instincts and attention to detail lead him into the civil services as an investigator. While a young man, he had a crush on Marla Wanwood, though his advances were rejected. This former flame proved to soften Max’s heart when Marla pleaded to let the adventurers rest at her home after the ordeal at William Bildeburger’s mansion.

The night after Marla transformed, Max was drawn to Marla’s home with a yearning for the Bronze egg. He then transformed into a dragon-kin himself. He would accompany Marla to meet with Octavious Brandle in a secret location provided by Vasilius to the south.

He fought in the battle for the Hermitage during The Collapse. He was unable to keep Marco from dying and feels very guilty about it. Things are troubling his mind, but the events of the world has caused many to have troubled minds these days.

He traveled with Flint Rockefeller and Sir Reginald Pevral to check in on High Arch after the collapse. It was his keen hearing that lead to the rescue and alliance with Douger’s dwarves.

It is known he fought hard for the focus of the council to solve the problems of the Empire first, and unify the fractured nation.

He is currently traveling with Ocatvious and the Knights.

Maxwell Burnside

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