Marla Wanwood

A red Dragon-kin, and former firebrand housewife


01_Marla.jpgIn her new form, Marla is a red scaled Dragon-kin. Her eyes remain full of the quick to temper fury they contained in her former life.

She speaks bluntly, but as time goes she is transitioning into a more motherly tone. Raleigh once called her “Wolf Mother” in front of his footmen, and it is gaining traction among the others. She is growing very protective, and has taken to ensuring everyone has enough to eat, a place to sleep, and keep in good health.

Her accent places her from Lowing, and has a bit of a dwarven slant to the way she speaks common. This is a side affect of the Hill Dwarf presence among the middle and lower class of Lowing.


Marla was the housewife of Bill Wanwood. Bill had stumbled upon the red dragon-kin egg while scavenging an empty bandit hideout. When Bill was killed by William Bildeburger, Marla was not surprised. After housing the adventurers to protect them from Bildeburger’s friends, she began having visions of where the red egg was taken to, and encouraged the adventurers to get it back.

Her brother Harold Wainwright would die in the attempt. Leaving her with very little family left in Lowing.

Upon getting the egg, it transformed her into the Dragon-kin. She left her home and family to travel with Maxwell to meet the dragon-kin Octavious who was hiding in a secret location provided by Vasilius. While she lamented her leaving of her former life a little bit, she described the pull of meeting Octavious Brandle as irresistible, almost instinctual. Junior Wainwright agreed to watch after her son.

Marla was the first Dragon-kin to reveal their breath weapon. On the night Marco was slain, the anger boiled over and she blast a hole into the side of the stone building at the Hermitage. She also killed most of the assassins with the attack.

She accompanied Candra and Raleigh to Auria, where she witnessed the vote to secede from the Empire.

Having formed a friendship with Candra, she has agreed to travel with those that are to establish a new home in Marco’s ancestral lands.

Marla Wanwood

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