Marco Wistwhile

Deceased benefactor



Marco comes across to some as too care free and quick to assume. He expects people to do as he says, despite never knowing them before. Overall though, as far as nobles go, he’s more level headed than most you’ll find. Generally his orders make sense, so people do them anyway. He is free with his money and no one could accuse him of being greedy. Behind his laze fare attitude is someone who could really amount to a great deal if he ever cared to set his mind to a purpose.



Marco grew up in a wealthy aristocratic family. The family has all the monetary holdings they could ever want, but one thing gnaws at their pride: their homelands are occupied by others. In the south, among the less civilized city-states, there is a land that once belonged to his family. For the last few generations, plans have been bandied about for an invasion. To prepare Marco in case this happens while he is one day head of the family, they enrolled him at the University, hired him expensive tutors, and made sure their first born was a man with few rivals in life’s aspects.

Marco financed the group’s original adventures in finding the eggs shortly after Octavious revealed himself to the players. He accompanied Octavious to the secret hermitage near Boddington. He was one of the first casualties in The Collapse. While the heads of state were being assassinated, a small group of assassins infiltrated the hermitage due to a misplaced trust on Vas’ part, and tried to kill Octavious. Marco stepped in the way and was killed instead, prompting Marla to breath fire(a first for the Dragon-kin) and destroy the assassins and half their stone building.

The players have sworn not to forget their early benefactor, and are ensuring his legacy continues.

Marco’s links to the group:

Candra’s mentor, she was interning under Marco during his final days at the University.
Travok’s employer, he was hired as a body guard after the supposed death of Octavious
Vas’ employer, he was hired to teach Marco of the south, his ancestral lands.

Marco Wistwhile

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