A gaunt and sickly young man with talent in magic


Jeremy has always been slight in frame, and suffers from allergies that make him cough and weeze.

While his talent in magic is undeniable, his spell repetoire was limited by the book he learned them from. It was an old book lost by a student that somehow found its way into a curio shop. Luckily it had copious amounts of notes on how to perform the spells.


Jeremy stayed home when other boys helped their family on farms or doing labor. While home, he gathered books and eventually learned that he could twist powers into magical spells. His applications to the Academy have been rejected by teachers worried the powers needed to command magic would rend his body and leave him crippled.

Jeremy and his girlfriend, Roxy, accompanied Harold Wainwright on a mission to the abandoned arena to act as distraction while the adventurers recovered the Red Egg from the Mysterious Assassin.

Afterward, Candra Littleflame wrote a letter of recommendation to the Academy. He and his girlfriend then traveled north after burying Harold, with the intent of joining the Academy.


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