Harold Wainwright

Deceased ex-soldier and Marla's brother


While old, Harold was built like a bull. His agility was taken from him by an owl bear that he eventually killed and fashioned its beak into a shoe horn that is now in possession of Travok.


Harold was an old soldier and the brother of Marla. He traveled the southern areas keeping peace among the borders of the Empire. After being maimed by an owl bear, he took a wife and had a son, Junior Wainwright. There he lived as a farmer, never truly being happy to stay in one place.

Harold drowned while helping the adventurers get the Red Egg back from the Mysterious Assassin. A trap flooded the old Arena while they were acting as a diversion. Caught in some cage bars under the Arena floor, he could not be saved. His friends, Jeremy and Roxy all agreed he would be glad to not die in a comfortable bed as a useless old man.

Harold Wainwright

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