Flint Rockefeller

Played by Shaun


In game terms, Flint is a Mountain Dwarf Paladin.

He has a long beard that he will dye red when anticipating a particularly difficult battle ahead. A battle that he wades into with his 2-handed maul hammer. It is known among his allies that when he is able to strike with his maul, typically the enemy doesn’t stand back up. After the battle, Flint celebrates with a bit of ale in his prized mug. The stein was created after the Orc War in celebration of Barbarossa’s victory. It was a gift to him from his fellow adventurer Vasilius.

In his down time he loves contemporary Dwarven bands.


Flint Rockefeller grew up the son of a Dwarven Noble.

By the time he was of age, Flint had decided to become a soldier in the King’s army. During his early years he found he had a knack for being able to push himself farther than the other soldiers were able to. The Grim Knights took notice of him and welcomed him in as a junior member.


Around 3 months BCB,before campaign began, Flint’s father was assassinated. No trace of the murderers were found by the authorities, leading to Flint believing he could find out more about the crime while abroad in other lands. He accepted an invitation from Travok to investigate things in Auria.

Currently, about Week 3 ACB, after campaign began, Flint has found the group of assassins responsible for the killing of his father. It is a group also hired to kill 2 other high ranking officials; a human general and an Elven diplomat. He finds that the military gathering at Makku is by his Father’s command, and currently all of Makku thinks he has brought his Father’s instructions on what this amassed army of soldiers is supposed to do.

Flint Rockefeller

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