Candra Littleflame

Played by Amanda


Candra is a human female Sorcerer with red hair.

She is aspiring to be a great scholar of The Stones, and is currently part of a group of scholars trying to invalidate Stonology; the use of Stones and heavenly bodies to tell fortune.

Her potions are known to frequently have extra “benefits” to them, as is the nature of her wild sorcerer’s magic.


When Candra was young, she was identified as a potential mage, and after a while found herself at the Academy. There, they realized she was a sorcerer and was enrolled in the Sorcerer Development specialized training program.


Candra is a graduate of the Academy with a specialization in making potions. She is an enrolled student in the University, currently tending to professor Marco Wistwhile as an intern.

Marco asked her to represent the interests of the University and Academy among the group of “Egg” keepers, and so she travels with the group helping with science and lore tasks.

Candra Littleflame

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